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월하月下 / Very Bad Moon Rising

  • Officially Selected in Portland Film Festival 2017 (PDXFF 2017)

  • Nominations in the 2018 AMSTERDAM Filmmaker Festival

Wol-ha : very bad moon rising’ International trailer



In the Korean Classic Horror Movie, A Public Cemetery of Wolha 1967, the tombstone of the kisaeng (Korean geisha) Wol-ha, who dies under a false accusation, is found!


Set in the 1930s when Korea was under Japanese rule, a story was told about a girl, Wolhyang.

She goes from a student to a kisaeng (Korean geisha) to a wife of a bourgeois man and is finally killed under a false accusation.

This is a well-known story in Korea from the Korean classic horror movie, A Public Cemetery of Wolha.

The movie, Wol-ha 2017, starts with a setting, where the tombstone of Wol-ha is found by an international collector and the whole process of finding the tomb of Kisaeng Wolhyang is recorded by video.

The footages are fully of the mysterious and the grotesque…




Commissioned by a mysterious international collector with a large sum of money, a party makes an expedition to find “the tomb of Kisaeng Wolhyang”.

Seemingly, they get off the ground with a given coordinate of and a guide to the location.

What they have to do is record all the expedition without editing.

Under the contract, they are required to always accompany an observer who will watch all the process.

However, the observer disappears with bizarre dance moves and incomprehensible words, instead of guiding the way.

Then, they lose their way in the woods so deep that their phones do not work. As if they are possessed by something, they get more and more hysterical…

The camera is just recording all the situation…

What is the message of the left video?

Can it be Kisaeng Wolhyang’s appealing for her wrongful death?

 Will it be possible for them to find “the tomb of Kisaeng Wolhyang”?

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