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야경:죽음의택시 / NIGHTSCAPE

"NIGHTSCAPE is selected at Focus on World Cinema in Festival des FILMS du MONDE 41st Montreal 2017!"

Based on the true creepy event!

The motive is the horrific serial killing incident that actually happened!Serial killing incident is the motive for Nightscape which depicts the burglar and killing using taxi in Korea from 2004 to 2010.

The criminal selects the target for killing by asking questions to the customer riding thetaxi and engages in taxi business by carrying the dead body in the trunk. It is known as a weird and atrocious committed criminal action. The criminal was arrested in 2010, is in jail and serving a life sentence. 

However, it is known as a mysterious incident in which a lot of questions as records of the criminal action or whereabouts remain unrevealed. Nightscape is a story about a city we live in. It talks about the two faces of a city in which a common night changes into a terror moment through the actual serial killing incident. It throws out a message on new media era journalism through the female journalist who chases the incident.  

A normal night turns into a creepy horror night! 

This is a urban legend.

“Entire coverage team, which chased the taxi, went missing. What really happened on that night?”

One day a female journalist received information that a suspicious taxi was discovered and together with the coverage team chased the taxi. 

Consequently, all of them went missing and the incident was left unsolved without anyclues...

The movie starts from interviews with the information provider and another coverage teams.


Director In-chun Oh

Executive Producer Jiyoung Park, Kunwoo Park

Production Company KINEMAFACTORY

Genre Horror / Thriller / Mystery

Runtime 71min

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